Ways To Avoid Getting Sick From The Rain

We have a love-hate relationship with the rain!

Everyone loves a good outpour. The rain is necessary for the survival of plants, animals, and humans. It is even a major prayer point for the farmers and every religious person because good rain means a good harvest at the end of the year. A good harvest in turn guarantees sufficient food, raw materials for industries, and income.

Unfortunately, the rain does not inform anyone before it pours down and despite the efforts of weather forecasters, people are often caught in the downpour of the rain. The downside of this is the risk of catching a cold, catarrh, cough, and a host of other ailments increases from being caught in the rain. This is because the rain causes a drop in the body temperature which can affect the immune system and make the body open to these diseases.

Since people being caught in the rain is inevitable, we are left with the option of ensuring we don’t fall ill after getting caught in the rain. This can be achieved by abiding by the tips below.

  • Change every piece of your clothing immediately. A warm shower is encouraged before doing this. Make sure to change into warm clothes.
  • Apply some antibacterial cream, and active ointment, or a soothing balm to your body after changing your outfit.
  • Wipe and dry your hair immediately. 
  • Help yourself to warm food or drink. Hot coffee or tea is a very good option. It will help stimulate the body and increase the body temperature.
  • Engage in light stretches and exercises. Stretches will stimulate and make the body warm. It will also help to return the blood flow to normal.

Prevention they say is better than cure so try as much as possible to avoid getting beat in the rain.

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