Watched for 1.65 M Hours, Squid Game Sets Netflix Record

Image Credit: Netflix

South Korean sensational series Squid Game has posted a total of 1.65 billion streaming hours in its first four weeks of release. As reported by Yonhap on Wednesday (17/11), that total time makes it the most-watched Netflix content of all time.

On Tuesday (16/11), Netflix released a list of the top 10 movies and TV shows globally based on their respective showtimes in the first 28 days on its platform. The Korean drama Squid Game topped the list of popular non-English TV shows with 1.65 billion hours of total views during the first four weeks after its premiere on September 17. This equates to a total of 188,400 years.

Previously, Netflix said about 142 million households had watched the dystopian series during the stated period. Its total hours far exceeds that of any other Netflix hit, including period romance Bridgerton Season 1, which placed it at No. 1 on the table of popular English-language TV shows with a total of 625 million hours watched.

The Spanish crime drama Money Heist: Part 4 ranks second in the non-English TV show rankings with 619 million views. On the film front for English and non-English titles, the American horror thriller Bird Box (2018) and the Anglo-German action-horror Blood Red Sky (2021) ranked first with 282 million hours and 110.5 million hours respectively.

Meanwhile, Netflix also launched a list of the most-watched content each week. During the week from November 8-14, 2021, a total of four Korean-made series entered the top 10 of the list of popular non-English TV shows, led by Squid Game with 42.7 million broadcast hours.

The historical romance The King’s Affection came in second with 14.1 million hours. Hometown romantic comedy Cha-Cha-Cha came in third with 13.8 million hours. The crime thriller k-drama My Name watched 10.8 million hours over a one-week period to take fifth place.

This is the first time Netflix has released an all-time ranking of new shows based on aggregate viewing hours. Previously, the company sometimes reported the number of households that streamed a certain title for at least two minutes.

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