WATCH: SEVENTEEN Perform ‘Rock With You’ and ‘Crush’ for MTV Push

Last December 7, MTV announced who their next MTV Push artist for December is going to be: Seventeen. 

Seventeen will be releasing a month’s worth of personalized content and performances as part of being their featured artist. It has started with a performance of their latest title track, ‘Rock With You’, and the powerful B-side, ‘Crush’.

In the exclusive interview after the performance, Woozi says: “Rather than ‘Rock With You’ is being based on our personal experiences, we felt that it was the perfect track to show the musical route that SEVENTEEN wanted to go down.” 

Mingyu says: “When I first heard the song, the heavy band and guitar sound was quite charismatic to me. I thought the song’s energy matched SEVENTEEN’s quite nicely.” 

Rock With You’ has new wave/post-punk/pop-punk influences, and so do the visuals of the entire ‘Attacca’ album. The ‘Rock With You’ music video has great visuals and editing as well, with people saying that it could be one of, if not the, best Seventeen music videos of all time. 

Attacca has had huge successes, which can be read about here: SEVENTEEN’s New Album “Attacca” Makes A Huge Splash

Seventeen also performed a powerful B-side and a fan-favorite, ‘Crush’. Seventeen are known to deliver powerful performances, but with songs like these, they go to the maximum extremes. 

Woozi says: “We envisioned this notion of a ‘passionate love’ that our EP Attacca is all about using fiery motifs like fire and flames.” 

Hoshi says he likes the song ‘Crush‘ in particular. When asked why he says: “I think it was the hard-hitting beat and the pop-style melody.”

Watch the whole performance and interview here.

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