WATCH: Mark Tuan’s ‘My Life’ Teaser

After teasing fans about the upcoming track on Instagram (and them finding out because of Shazam), Mark Tuan finally sealed the deal. He is to release a new track ‘My Life’ on 21 January.

Mark has been steadily teasing fans since the 11th of January, starting off with these intimate photos.

Then, he drops the premiere link to the music video, afterparty and pre-save links:

Finally, Mark released a teaser for the music video:

The teaser is 17 seconds but it already looks very intimate. The photos that he released previously all have the same dark, mysterious concept. These were to give us a sense of the mood we would expect the song and music video to be.

Reciting AllKpop: “The MV teaser begins with a pensive shot of the singer, seemingly reflecting on a thought in his head. He focuses on the camera in front of him, making direct eye contact with viewers. The teaser is accompanied by a soft and serene piano sound.”

His last release, ‘Last Breath’, had a similar concept, except the mood had a bit of natural light streaming in. ‘My Life’ doesn’t seem to have light, besides the fire he lit. It might be that ‘My Life’ will show a darker side of his emotions or what he went through as a person.

In any case, we wish Mark the best of luck for the release! Stay tuned to the release and while waiting, streaming ‘Last Breath’ here:

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