WATCH: JEON SOMI performs ‘XOXO’ band LIVE session

SOMI sounds excellent performing XOXO in it’s Live

On October 29th, K-POP sensation JEON SOMI released her first full album XOXO with a title track of the same name. Ever since, SOMI has topped Korean and worldwide charts. She has also been promoting with dashing live performances on Korean music shows. 

The YouTube channel it’s Live often features K-POP stars to perform with their live band session. Somi has just recently featured to perform and though she only performed vocally with no choreography, she sounds amazing. 

Somi is more confident than ever since the release and promotions of DUMB DUMB. Her fans were able to see the oozing confidence and said that she has improved greatly in terms of vocals, performance and overall stage presence. 

The 21-year-old (Korean age) KPOP soloist has been slowly building her sound under THE BLACK LABEL since the release of her solo debut title BIRTHDAY. In the nature of Somi’s label, she was able to write and produce her own music. This was proven in the XOXO tracklist, where it said that she was involved in every track except for Anymore.

XOXO is an excellent choice for a title because of its sentimental groove that showcases Somi’s vocals so whether she performs with a choreography and a lot of backup dancers or solo like in it’s Live, she will sound just as good.

Somi starts the performance with an introduction to her and her album, in hopes that fans and general viewers will enjoy it. According to the charts, however, it seems like many people are enjoying her album anyways. With 3.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Somi hits a new peak and has proven that people around the world are listening and loving her music.

Watch Somi performing XOXO on it’s Live here.

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