WATCH: How Well Does SEVENTEEN Know Each Other?

On December 9, Vanity Fair released a video of Seventeen doing a mini-game to see how well they know each other.

Unfortunately, their two Chinese members, Minghao and Junhui, are still overseas for China promotions and are unable to play the games along with their bandmates. Of course, Seventeen still has their way around creating fun no matter who is present. 

The game is simple: one member sits on the high chair with a provided question about them. The rest of his bandmates will try to guess what that answer is. 

The video immediately starts with Seungkwan asking if they could see Vernon’s iconic part in Rock With You ‘baby hold on’. Vernon then complies as his bandmates sing his part for him. 

With a total of 3 right answers, Joshua wins as the member who knows his members the most. 

This is only one other video that proves Seventeen is a great type of friendship and family we all wish to have. Seventeen has proven in the past that their bond is something that no one else can touch. 

MMTG interviewer Jaejae acknowledges: “But really, Seventeen is like a group of friends coming together and working together to create something. You guys are the epitome of a perfect team. There’s awe from that and this is why Carats [fans] love Seventeen.” 

Despite what people may think because of them having 13 members, all of them are fairly close to one another and know each other very well. It shows in their weekly episodes of Going Seventeen and other interviews like the one in Vanity Fair. 

Besides giving us great music and powerful performances, Seventeen also inspires a found-family kind of friendship.

Watch the Vanity Interview here!

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