WATCH: GOT7’s Youngjae Drops Special Christmas Single

Last December 8, Youngjae dropped a poster teaser for an upcoming release. It was vague, but it stirred up excitement among his fanbase. 

Later, he dropped another image teaser and unveiled that he is to drop a Christmas single titled ‘Walk With Me (같이 걸어가줘요)‘. Youngjae looks cozy in the teasers, and the coloring is also warm to set up the mood for what the single is going to be. 

He released the special video teaser where the singer is seen getting ready to have his party. He is hanging the decorations and looking at snow globes, the teaser appreciating Youngjae’s visuals from up close. 

From the teaser, we can tell that the song’s tune is going to be a romantic, chill kind-of ballad. Ahgases [GOT7 fans] would know from the past that Youngjae has a unique voice, particularly fitting for ballads. 

Finally, the singer released the single earlier. As expected, the song is mellow and slow, warm for the Christmas season. Youngjae’s vocals remain to be one of the best heard in K-POP.

Additionally, Youngjae will be having a Special FAN CON this upcoming December 24 at Paradise City (Grand Ballroom). Live Streaming is available on BBANGYA TV(Worldwide) and NICONICO LIVE(Japan). For ticketing, please visit YES24.

Youngjae has been doing great in 2021 after he and his bandmates left their old company. Youngjae starred as the main male lead in his first-ever musical, with an OST that came with it. He also starred in a beloved sitcom, ‘So Not Worth It’, which gained the attention of many. 

Last October, he officially released his solo debut album under Sublime Artist Agency, ‘COLORS from Ars’ with the title track ‘Vibin‘. 

As an individual artist and as a member of GOT7, Youngjae has shown the world a lot. However, we are prepared for whatever else is coming. We are excited to see what Youngjae has for us and the year 2022.

Remember to stream and watch the Christmas single and put it in your playlist! 

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