Mark Tuan’s “LAST BREATH” is out now on all streaming platforms

GOT7’s Mark has been teasing fans about his new single ‘Last Breath’ set to be released on November 12. The rapper has been dropping teaser videos since October 30 and we finally could listen and watch what he has in stored. 



From the third teaser, Mark seems to be struggling to get a hold of someone as he walks and drives in a deserted land. The song we heard in the teaser seems to take a hip-hop route. The lyrics itself seem to be about a toxic relationship as Mark sings, “One last breath in me, I know you wanna take it away; You got your hands around my throat, so I only breathe when I’m alone.” Some fans speculate it’s about his ex-company since Tuan has mentioned that the track will be about “his struggles in Korea”. 

The lyrics and visuals of LAST BREATH is in complete parallel to his first single from earlier this year ‘One in A Million’. Mark has definitely met our expectations. The song is catchy and the rapper has, once again, shown off his vocal range quite diversely in just one song!

Ever since leaving his company in Korea and going back to America, Mark has been steadily achieving milestones––two solo songs, “One in A Million” and “Never Gonna Come Down ft. BIBI”, a Marvel OST for Shang Chi. Tuan also has a lot of magazine pictorials, brand endorsements and exclusive invites to Paris Fashion Week! 

The music video has premiered on November 12 at 2PM KST and it has definitely captured the hearts of many fans that were anticipating this project!  



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