Wandavision and What It Means to Grief

Grief is quite a common plot device in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every type of grief has been put on our screens but nothing as deep in its explorations as ‘Wandavision’ did. It is very unfortunate that I saw this series late though I claim to be quite a Marvel fan myself.

When Wanda and Vision’s relationship was announced and we mainly saw it for the first time in Avengers: Infinity War, most people did not really care. Some even thought it to be weird, for Wanda dating a machine. But this series might change these people’s minds.

The series itself starts like a happy sitcom from the 1950s, if I Love Lucy meets Bewitched of some sorts. We will find out why in later episodes but it was very interesting to start off with a sitcom-like episode after the events that happened in the last two Avengers films.

We saw Wanda herself grieve in those movies but this dwelled on it further. This is the first time Marvel has explored grief like this with a female character. Wanda, who has lost many things in her life, checks all the boxes for the grief plot device.

While us, humans, tend to confront our grievances, our loss and our trauma, Wanda creates a whole other world to push it away. She created another Vision and plays pretend to be a neighborhood friendly couple, with two kids later on. Wanda does not acknowledge the root of her pain for an entire season. In others’ eyes, Wanda is the villain who got innocent people playing parts into her imagination. But in Wanda’s, she was merely trying to have the life she had always wanted. 

This show gave its viewers a conversation about grief. It also gave us the famous line: “What is grief if not love persevering?” 

It is one so powerful and heart-wrenching that I felt my own grief was confronted.

The show received a great response from many, from critics, fans even to non-fans. It touched the heart and the soul and for a world that has been grieving for the past two years, it is a good depiction of what we all might be going through. 

Wandavision is available to watch on Disney+ if you still haven’t watched and are interested!

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