Wall Street keeps dumping, Bitcoin remains under 18000 $ .. What shall we spect?


Black friday for global markets, is that the SP500 index barely managed to stand up, and fell again in recent days...

The problem seems to be that EEUU announced an 8.2% inflation rate, far above from expected.. 
For some strange reason, dollar is losing 8.2% a year fearing even more inflation, but globally, Dollar is really strong, specially against EURO..
Is it possible, that this whole situation makes de Dollar to revalue even more ?. We are facing a global inflationary context, where the markets continued dumping after US announced that a recession is coming. For its part, Bitcoin has fallen but has not yet broken its previous low at the support of 18,000 USD
So, we should think...
Maybe it is time to sit down and analyze, if it is not time to start looking for short or medium-term investment opportunities, or if it is time to continue dollarizing due to the uncertainty caused by the events that occur?

I mean, if you buy dollars right now, in one year according to projections, you will have -10 or 15% buying power than today; So, are you expecting to see stocks or bonds -20% for not taking a risk?.


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