“Volcanic Bird Enemy and The Voiced Concerns”

“Volcanic bird enemy and the voiced concerns”… when the enigmatic Lil Ugly Mane came out of his shell.

Lil Ugly Mane’s latest entry to his discography is a melodramatic, hurtful, and exhuming a lot of sadboy energy. Famously known for weird conjunction of the soundcloud era trap, memphis horrorcore sound, and flawless flows. The return of the mista thug into the music biz is with a dinner served for one.

“Volcanic bird enemy and the voiced concerns” is another side of Travis Miller that we rarely catch, but only for a glimpse of here and there. The sprinkle of emotive sounds and mixing a lot of different sounds is already been his forte since whenever. But when it combined with what we have on this album alone, it’s like Död Mark mixed with Gab3 sensibilities, & the early 2000s rock sound that so simple yet effective at the same time.

Touch of cloud rap era beats, dramatic lyricism, and lo-fi settings, and looping samples, we still get the same taste of what makes his production is phenomenal.

In this album, although the direction was too far off stretch from his original sphere of sounds, knowing him full well not being short of experimentation, is well adjusted.

Easily access experimental indie rock album, having more strain closely knitted to bedwetter more than ugly mane, his another solo project.

This album is relentless in bringing us the nostalgic vibes we so desperately crave. The bedroom aura that exploding from this album is relentless, and we are here for every single minute of it.


You can listen to it, here!

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