VOIR, Fincher and Prior’s Love Letter to Cinema.



Fincher comes back with a docuseries exclusively on Netflix titled VOIR (2021). Teaming up with David before producing this docuseries. Alongside Fincher and Prior, Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos from ‘Every Frame’s a Picture’ is working with them on VOIR. Telling us the magnificent world of Cinema for the past 70 years of its universe,it becomes the most accessible pop-culture in the world.

The love for the cinema and the expectation towards the breakdown of it all is what we are hoping for this series fruit to bear. Fincher’s eye for unconventional topics and insights might also be helping to drive this series home. and with Prior love of the world of Cinema, we can only hope what we’re gonna expect came out of this.

Since the release of its trailer on Netflix’s Youtube channel, people around the world that’s expecting the third installment of Mindhunters (2017), would have to settle down for this. As of last year, David Fincher who has already released a lot of materials from Netflix has extended his contract with them. Who knows what we else on his works that are yet to be released.

With the release of the second installment of Love, Death, Robots (2019) this year, we can hope that Fincher is on the right track of producing a lot more great content. And his creativity won’t just gonna stop there, as VOIR, is set to be released on 6 December this year.

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