Vivienne Westwood 22 Bridal Collection

The Vivienne Westwood Bridal Collection has been released and it’s full of dreamy, unique designs that you should take inspiration from for your wedding! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s never too early to dream about your big day.


The 2022 Bridal Collection has mini dresses, intricate designs, suits, and full-length dresses, so regardless of your preferences, you can find something suited to you.


The collection is described as taking inspiration from influential women in the arts and literature and is made with crystal and pearl embroidery.



Audrey is one of the dreamiest, magical dresses I have ever seen. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn and the golden age of the silver screen, it’s an ivory silk satin dress. It’s made with a draped corset top and a long, slim-fitting skirt, for an elegant 1950s vibe. The most beautiful part of the dress, however, is the broken strings of pearls cascading around the neckline and the chest.




Aphrodite is inspired by the ancient Greek Goddess of love and the Greek statues. It’s made of gold, crystal net fabric with an off-the-shoulder design reminiscent of the ancient Greeks. It’s floor-length with a slit in the upper thigh for a classy look.




The Bianca suit is an ode to Bianca Jagger’s wedding suit. It has a double-breasted wool jacket embellished with crystal and pearl beading, satin pearl embossed trousers, and a cropped corset. The corset has similar beading to the Audrey dress and is one of the most unique wedding outfits I’ve seen. The trousers are comfy and more casual but are dressed up with a jacket and corset. The Bianca suit adds a modern twist to your wedding day.




The Nymph dress is described as like an ethereal nymph or goddess from a Rococo ceiling, and ethereal is a perfect way to describe this dress. Layers of tulle and frill sleeves adorn an Elizabethan style corset embroidered with pearls and crystals. This dress is celestial and looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. 

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