Viral Tik-Tok Game: Cat Trap Game

Another viral game? Tik-tok has once again made an online game viral. The game, called Cat Trap Game is a game that involves players to attempt to trap the black cat inside a honeycomb-like area by clicking the hexagons.

The game is quite simple, players have to click on a hexagon tile; and in turn, the black cat will move onto the next hexagonal tile in a random direction.

As you take turns with the cat, you have to come up with a smart strategy in order to trap the cat inside the area.

Some hexagonal tiles that are pre-darkened are randomly generated every time you reset the game, to give you a bit of help in trapping the game. As the pre-darkened hexagonal tiles are randomly generated, the game is essentially about luck with a little bit of strategy and thinking.

The game, posted on this Tik-Tok. Garnered around 141,7K likes, 680 comments, and 401 shares. Easily influencing people watching the Tik-Tok to try and play the game.

@cementari gave me trust issues #cattrap ♬ original sound – ???????????????? ????????????????????

Some found it extremely easy and did it on their first try. While other players had to do multiple attempts before succeeding in trapping the cat. When you think you messed up, you could always reset the game and try again!

Ever since the pandemic began, a lot of simple online games have gotten viral; like the newest online puzzle game WORDLE that has been acquired by the New York Times

If you want to try an attempt at trapping the cat, you can play the game here!

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