Have you ever been in that frustrating moment when you stack a small bowl in a bigger one, maybe while doing the dishes and then they get stuck together?. Well, you’re not alone. This is a common occurrence that happens in many households. In fact, a woman on Twitter was recently faced with this.


A woman on June 6 shared her predicament asking for help with her stuck ceramic bowls, and it became viral with so many peeps giving their own suggestions.



After some days of many trials and no success, the said woman was finally able to separate her two precious bowls.



Now in case you’ve met with this situation, you could try the method she used above or you could try these tips


  • Fill the top bowl with ice and Place the bigger bowl in hot water or;
  • Apply oil to the inner rim of the bigger bowl.


The oil loosens the bowls and helps the smaller ones slide out easily. As for the latter method, the cold of the ice should help the smaller bowl contract while the heat of the hot water would expand the bigger bowl. That should do the trick.


If any of those doesn’t work, you might as well leave the bowls alone. Who knows?. Maybe they just want to be together. LOL.

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