Vintage-Style Ideas For You To Try Out

The world has increasingly become modern – along with fashion styles evolving to adapt to contemporary and present-day trends.


Although modern fashion has dominantly reigned fashion today, people are still dressing in the vintage style and are still equally fashionable.


Vintage pieces can even give your whole look a unique and eccentric aesthetic – that makes you pop out from a crowd.


Here are some vintage outfit ideas for you if you like vintage or simply want to try them out!



1. Flared Jeans 

Source: Joe Browns

Flared jeans are still a fashion trend now, with tapered pants that become wider on the bottom – giving you a nice silhouette.



2. Necklines


Necklines such as sweetheart necklines and boat-neck necklines with lace or frilly detailing make your look have that vintage feel and classy appeal.



3. Unconventional and Loud Patterns


Bold colors and patterns including polka-dots, floral patterns, or animal patterns give you that distinctive and peculiar vibe.



4. Vintage Dresses


Vintage or retro dresses including A-Line dresses, Bias Cut dresses, Dropped Waist dresses and Mini dresses have that vintage silhouette that’s ideal for vibrant patterns



5. Classic Oxfords

Source: Repetto Paris

Although simple, these preppy shoes elevate your look with a stacked heel that polishes your look. These shoes are flexible and will look great whether in the workplace or during a casual party.



6. Ascot cap

Source: Ubuy (CLAPE Cotton)

Nothing completes a look without a hat, like the Ascot cap perfect for fall or winter. Match the color of your hat with a casual look or even with a suit.



Try out these vintage clothes now! Or do you already dress vintage?

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