ViewSonic Leads a Display Market Outside China on Q3 2021

Display supplier ViewSonic uncovered they are the number one brand within the worldwide intuitively display showcase (barring China), in Q3 2021, according to FutureSource.

ViewSonic Data statement, they set down a noteworthy year-over-year development of 87 percent, circling ten times higher than the industry normal of 7.9 percent.

“ViewSonic strives to develop innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the corporate and education segments,” said Monica Sun, Director of Presentation Group at ViewSonic.

Sun said, since ViewBoard Interactive Displays propelled in 2016, they have been acknowledged as the quickest developing brand within the worldwide interactive display advertising industry.

“Achieving this leading position is a great acknowledgment of our efforts and marks a new milestone in our company’s history,” said Sun in a press release.

ViewSonic said it has succeeded in positioning itself as a market leader by providing end-to-end solutions from hardware and software to services. The integration of ViewBoard with the myViewBoard computer program suite provides a complete visual learning platform that provides a way better content experience and greater control.

On the authority of the company from California, United States, they tune in carefully to clients and proceed to upgrade their myViewBoard stage.

The flourishing biological system is right now claimed to have more than 4.6 million enrolled clients, counting teachers, understudies and experts around the world.

The ViewBoard 52 Series and myViewBoard Software Suite claimed Tech and Learning Magazine awards in 2021 including, Best Tool for Back to School in the Primary and Secondary categories.

The company included that ViewBoards are also outlined with inventive usefulness to supply a more natural and locks-in involvement.

“For example, the recently launched ViewBoard 52 Series is integrated with a multimedia soundbar and user-friendly interface that enhances the teaching and learning experience in the classroom,” they wrote.

The built-in Remote Presentation Display arrangement too permits clients to effortlessly share and show substance right away with myViewBoard Display.

ViewSonic also claims to help people stay connected and connected in classrooms and meetings, making it easier to switch between physical and virtual spaces.

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