VICTON’s Byungchan Tests Positive for COVID-19


VICTON member Choi Byungchan tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday (23/03). The official notice was posted on VICTON’s fancafe by IST Entertainment on the same day.


The translation of the notice stated the confirmation of Byungchan testing positive for COVID-19. On Monday (21/03) Byungchan administered a COVID-19 self-kit and tested positive.


Following an immediate PCR test in the hospital, he was confirmed to have COVID-19. As for now, Byungchan is not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and is self-quarantining while following safety measures and quarantine guidelines from health authorities.


IST Entertainment will do its best in supporting its artist’s recovery and will comply with health and quarantine guidelines from health authorities.


The schedule for Byungchan is in discussion and will be notified once rearranged.


Following the announcement, Byungchan posted a video of himself to reassure fans about his condition while having COVID-19, showing his light stubble and a thumbs up.



Byungchan recently starred in Business Proposal as Shin Ha-Min who is the younger brother of Shin Ha-Ri played by Kim Sejung.


Business Proposal is a South Korean romance-comedy drama series adapted from the web novel where the main character (Shin Ha-Ri) pretends to be her friend on a blind date to help her friend reject the blind date. In the turn of events, the blind date happens to be a chaebol, Kang Tae-Moo.


Byungchan’s recent role in the SBS and Netflix series received a lot of positive praise from fans as he could not only sing but also showed great acting skills.


You can watch Byungchan every Monday and Tuesday on Netflix at 7:30 am PT / 10:30 am ET!

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