Using Instagram for Business Marketing

Before getting started, it is crucial to understand that a marketing campaign on Instagram is continuous and never-ending; you will require constant streams of new content and motivational posts to inspire viewers and attract more customers. 

When building your social media Instagram marketing strategy, you must understand that Instagram is a prior military image base. It is good because human beings find it far easier to process images than words. 

For example, “Lord of the Rings” was initially supposed to accompany pictures. 56.3% of Instagram users are females, and 43.7% are males. 120.7 million Instagram users are from the US. 37% of US adults use Instagram, and the United States has the most Instagram users. 89% of users are outside the US. Six in ten online adults have Instagram accounts. 

By understanding that Instagram has primarily a female audience and that women control over 90% of household spending, you can also target male products toward your female audience.

How to Create Captivating Visuals, Grow Your Following, and Drive Engagement on Instagram

Follow the rule of thirds. Every digital camera will (or should) have a ‘grid lines’ option, dividing the screen into nine sections through a series of tubes. 

The idea is that the photograph’s primary subject should appear at one of the points where these horizontal and vertical lines intersect. What’s known as the “rule of thirds” is a fool-proof way of positioning the subject off-center in a far more eye-catching way than a central subject. 2. Prevent overcrowding. 

This means keeping things simple in terms of topics and points of focus. Try to ensure each photograph focuses on a single subject, with as few distractions and unnecessary extras in the shot as possible. 

Remember that a new background with no distractions can be more effective than an elaborate and OTT backdrop for your images. 3. Use negative space to your advantage. 

Negative space refers to the space around the central subject of the idea that is left empty. Creative and strategic use of negative space can be exceptionally effective – think of how Apple presents its products, logos, and slogans in marketing materials, often dominated by negative space. 

Before framing your subjects with elaborate backgrounds, see how things look with plenty of negative space. 4. Experiment with angles. 

What seems to be the most apparent or appropriate angle for a shot may not necessarily be the most eye-catching or impactful. 

If your instinct tells you to shoot something directly in front, try taking the shot from above, below, or at a completely random angle. 

The key to engaging audiences on Instagram is presenting them with things they’ve never seen before. 

This is precisely why experimentation can be so powerful. 5. Keep the light as natural as possible. Where it’s possible to do so, your shots should always be taken in natural light at a time of day that eliminates problematic shadowing. 

Shooting straight after sunrise or just before sunset can be particularly effective. 

If you’ve no choice but to use artificial light, try to make things look as natural as possible by avoiding strong and direct sources of light that will create troublesome shadows.

How to build a personal brand on Instagram

Ensure you choose an appropriate username. It’s your username that will determine how easy or otherwise it is for people to find you, while at the same time contributing to their first impression of your business. 

Create a compelling Instagram Bio. This is effectively your elevator pitch, which for many potential followers and customers will single-handedly determine whether or not they do business with you. 

Post regularly and consistently. Once your account is set up, begin posting content regularly and consistently. 

Do your best to avoid dry spells, as publishers that go silent for even a short period are easy to forget. 

Never post simply for the sake of it. Each post you publish should be relevant to your business and carry some identifiable and quantifiable value for its intended recipient.

If you’ve got nothing interesting to say or show, don’t post until you have. Start following other accounts. 

Any entity on Instagram (individual or business) that has some relevance to your brand is an entity you should be following. And more importantly, interact with them to encourage them to follow you back. Promote your Instagram in other places. 

Use every online and offline channel at your disposal to aggressively promote your Instagram.Post as many links as you can to drive traffic to your profile and your most proud posts.

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