US Sends Two Senior Diplomats to Defend Afghan Women’s Rights

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has appointed Rina Amiri as a senior diplomat to defend Afghan women and girls’ rights on Wednesday. This is due to the Taliban government strictly limiting women’s rights for education, travel, and employment.

For two decades, Amiri has been advising the UN, governments, and other think tanks on Afghanistan issues. During Obama’s administration, she even served as a senior adviser to the US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Rina brings over two decades of expertise and specialized knowledge that will advance our vital work toward a more peaceful, stable, and secure Afghanistan for all,” tweeted Blinken on his Twitter.

In addition to Amiri, Blinken has also appointed Stephenie Foster, a Department of State veteran, as a new senior adviser for US operations. This is to evacuate and resettle Afghans who are at risk of retaliation from the Taliban government.

Ever since the US withdrew its troops in August, ending the US’s longest war, the Taliban quickly took control. From thereon, the Taliban government represses women and girls’ rights. Women are banned from working and girls are prohibited to go to school. Even worse, on Sunday, Taliban officials issued a new regulation that prohibits women from traveling for more than 75km by road if they are not accompanied by a close male relative.

With this being the case, the US and other governments consider that the Taliban has failed to establish an “inclusive” government like what it promised. The new regulation prompted around 30 Afghan women to demonstrate in Kabul. A protester, Nayera Koahistani said, “I want to tell the world, tell the Taliban to stop killing. We want freedom, we want justice, we want human rights”.

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