Sunday, May 29, 2022

US Judge in Trouble After a Racial Slur

A US judge is going on an unpaid leave of absence after a video of her repeatedly using a racial slur went viral on social media. The video was allegedly recorded at home and landed on different social media.

The video shows a television set at home showing a burglary attempt gone wrong—the television set at the Lafayette City Court Judge, Michelle Odinet. Burglars started to take one of the vehicles away, but the victim caught the suspect. While watching this video, a female voice was heard repeatedly using racial slurs. The viewers aren’t visible at the recording, though.

The surveillance footage shown on the television is widely circulated on social media and the local media.

Many people came forward asking the judge’s resignation. However, Michelle Odinet’s advocate said she feels “humiliated, embarrassed and sorry for what she has done and the harm she has caused to the community.”

The Lafayette Police department has confirmed a burglary attempt at City Court Judge Michelle Odinet’s house at around 2.00 am Saturday.

After a massive call for resignation came out, the judge said she was under the sedative, and she has zero recollection of what happened, US media CNN reported. The Louisianna Black Caucus said the judge has shown “immense racial bias and insensitivity.”

Many prominent people in the United States mentioned that the judge should be held accountable as she forgot her oath. However, it is unclear what will happen to the judge’s future. A formal explanation about a resignation has not yet been released.

Jinsh Rayaroth
I am a journalism student at Seneca College, Toronto. Also an ardent photographer and a news enthusiast. I am also working as a content creator for Woodland Canada.

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