Thursday, November 25, 2021

UPDATE: Seventeen’s S.COUPS Teases Solo Song!

SEVENTEEN’s general leader S.Coups (Choi Seungcheol) teases a solo song! 

On November 24, 5PM KST, S.Coups opened a live stream in VLIVE to check up on fans as he was on a way to a schedule. During the talk, he teased that he is currently working on a solo song. 

S.Coups said that he is still not sure what kind of release it will be but he is working on the song himself. S.Coups also wants bandmate, Kim Mingyu, to do the cover for it.


Mingyu Scoups | Vernon, Entertainment, Woozi

Source: https://twitter.com/miwon17_/status/1463403043811065856?s=20

Seventeen has been killing it this year, not only with group comebacks but also with members’ solos. Whether it is an official release or not, they all have been steadily showing their own artistic colors in their unique ways. 

The latest solo that was released was Vernon’s “BANDS BOY”. The song dropped out of nowhere! It surprised the fans and what was more surprising were the lyrics. The overall song was catchy and the color was very Vernon. 

So far, the members with solos are the following: 

Seventeen is known as “self-producing idols” and we truly believe they have taken this term to another level. They are always doing the most and doing it passionately! 

Fans are buzzing right now for S.Coups’ solo song and what is more to come from Seventeen’s members! Stay tuned for updates!

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