Untouchable Lady!

Here we go! I am going to introduce you to one of the female leads that have the most tragic past! You will not only get a thrilling sensation while reading this but you will also experience such a satisfying revengeful plot! 

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Revenge


This is the story that starts with painful memories of our female lead. She was tortured by her own family, especially her own father and brother. No one helped her at all. Even the maid in her house regarded her as a nuisance. Even though the female lead had been forced to repeat her painful life like this for 6 times already, she still believed that the day her family loved her would come soon. As a result, she soon met a tragic ending and died in vain. However, in her sixth life, she finally realized and accepted the fact that her beloved father and brother were just trash. She decided with such certainty that, in her next life, she would surely get revenge! 


As for me, what really captures my heart is the artist’s line art. Haji, the artist, draws this manhwa literally beautifully and her coloring style is so cool! I’ve never seen someone draw the characters this thoroughly detailed.

From the reader’s point of view, this manhwa doesn’t only focus on romance but rather the female lead’s revengeful plots. It represents the grief and sorrow she had suffered. but after she gave up on her family and chose to move on, the character’s development could be seen clearly from this point on. As the female lead started to love herself and found a way to become stronger. 

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