Unpacking, Most Beloved Zen Puzzle Game you Have to Try!

Unpacking is a relaxing and casual zen puzzle game developed by Witch Beam and published by Humble Games. 

You must find a way to unpack your belongings over the course of 8 stages in your life, fitting your belongings in different homes you move into and out of. 


As you unpack your life, you get to figure out your character’s background and little parts of their lives – as the clues are given in specific belongings the character has. 


You’ll also get to see some of your character’s favorite items throughout all the times they’ve moved houses and also get to see items they’ve thrown out or lost an attachment to. 


Of course, the gameplay doesn’t allow you to place any item wherever you want in your house as you still need to figure out which items go in the proper spaces in specific rooms. 

You’ll witness your character go through a relationship and even move in their house but also lose a part of themselves throughout the relationship.


 The relationship didn’t last long as the home of your character’s ex-lover barely could fit two people, causing your character to store their diploma under the bed. 


After the break-up, your character moves out and finally has her own space to pursue her career as an illustrator – as you’ll get to unpack more stuff like a drawing tablet and their drawings of book characters.

At the end of the stages, your character will pursue a more positive intimate and romantic relationship as they both share several common interests.

Unpacking is available on Steam and on Nintendo Switch!

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