Unlocking Bootloader No Longer Block Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Camera From Functioning

Unlocking Bootloader Problem on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Unlocking the bootloader on Samsung smartphones with One UI may block some features, such as Knox Security System, and Samsung Pay. In Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, unlocking the bootloader may block the camera from functioning as well. Some users are complaining about the camera being inaccessible after the bootloader is being unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3; image source: Gizmochina
Image by 白い熊 on XDA Forum

Luckily, Samsung has lifted the block on camera if the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has the bootloader unlocked in the second One UI 4 beta release, according to exocetdj, an XDA Senior Member.

And it seems that the issue had been resolved only in certain regional variants (model numbers F926B and F926N). So next time, tend to be more careful if you decide to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 bootloader to prevent the camera from being blocked.

Samsung’s decision on lifting the camera block on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 after unlocking the bootloader enable the users to root the device. The decision also gives third-party developers a green light to tweaks and custom ROM for the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Source: XDA

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