Unlike Meta, Apple Unwilling To Make Its Own Verse

Metaverse possibilities in the Apple’s camp.

Companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) have envisioned a future metaverse, where humans can live and connect in a virtual world through virtual/augmented reality devices. Reinforced by the pandemic too, this trend shows that working from home; is very plausible

The idea that humans can meet and interact with colleagues or fellow students in cyberspace is no longer an artificial idea. However, not all technology companies want to embrace the metaverse concept, one of which is Apple. According to the Power On newsletter, journalist Mark Gurman contends that Apple seems to have ruled out the plausibility of making its own metaverse.

Despite all of that; Apple’s also dabble in some respects; with mixed-reality devices. Therefore, many people wonder if Apple will take the same path as Meta. Gurman moreover sees that Apple’s technique can pay off within the short term. But within the long term, possibly the metaverse will be the future of technology.

“Apple sees its mixed reality devices as mostly used for short communication, viewing content, playing games and by no means expect us to live in them,” Gurman’s report said.

What Apple has been doing these past few months

Previously, Apple managed to convince one of the Meta executives to join the company. Apple has hijacked Meta augmented reality communications leader Andrea Schubert. While it’s not 100 percent confirmed what Schubert will do at Apple; the fact that he has a role in Meta’s augmented reality (AR) department. Suggests that he will play the same role at Apple. Quoted by Ubergizmo, There are rumors that Apple is getting ready to announce their mixed reality headset that will be launching sometime next year.

Last year, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg uncovered that the company has two procedures; for its expanded reality gadgets: AR glasses and more capable AR/VR headsets. The latest rumors say the device is targeted at advanced users. It will be equipped with two 8K screens to display high-resolution images.

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