United States warns China against helping Russia in Ukraine conflict

Unspecified US officials

US officials told news outlets that China was willing to provide military support to Russia.

The US has also stated that Chinese economic support to help Russia navigate sanctions will have consequences.

Russia denies having requested military aid from Beijing. The Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed the US was guilty of spreading misinformation.

These exchanges came shortly before officials from Russia and the US met in Rome.

Officials in Washington, cited by news outlets, alleged that Russia has recently asked China for military equipment, including drones. Armed Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones have been well utilized by Ukrainian defense, harassing the Russian convoy and route to Kyiv.

The US on Monday warned its allies that China seemed to indicate its openness to providing economic.

This warning came as US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with Yang Jiechi, China’s top diplomat, in Rome.

 “They also underscored the importance of maintaining open lines of communication between the United States and China.”

Earlier on CNN, Jake Sullivan said the US had been communicating directly, privately to Beijing that there will absolutely be consequences for large-scale sanctions evasion efforts.

He continued: “We will not allow that to go forward and allow there to be a lifeline to Russia from these economic sanctions from any country, anywhere in the world”.

Adviser Sullivan then added that despite the US believing that China was aware of Putin “planning something”, they “may not have understood the full extent of it”.

“Because it’s very possible that Mr. Putin lied to them the same way that he lied to Europeans and others,” said Sullivan.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for Beijing’s foreign ministry. He reply by claiming the US had “been spreading disinformation targeting China on the Ukraine issue, with malicious intentions”.

Zhao dismisses the allegation of Russia’s request for military aid as “fake news” but fails to deny it outright. He then asserts that China’s stance on the conflict has always remained consistent. China will act as peacekeeper, encouraging constructive talks and negotiation.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, said these reports of Russia asking for aid were untrue.

“Russia possesses its own independent potential to continue the operation. As we said, it is going according to plan and will be completed on time and in full,” he said.

Despite China’s claims of neutrality and peacemaking, bear in mind that during the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Xi Xinping and Vladimir Putin mutually declared a new alliance that had “no limit”.

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