Unique Christmas Gift Ideas in 2021

Only 3 more days to Christmas, some people may expect a special gift from their families or friends. But, have you prepared a gift for your loved one? If you run out of idea what should you give, these unique gifts may attract your interest, or even you want to have it for yourself, check the list out! 

KitchenAid’s Custom Mixer

Image source: Business Insider

A mixer is actually a normal gift for everyone who loves cooking and baking, but for this Christmas, KitchenAid has something different for you. Now, you can customize your mixer. You can choose any basic colors and pick out of 16 bowl designs. There are two types of bowls which are stainless steel and ceramic. Then, you can engrave the bowl with up to 24 characters.


Harry & David’s Hot Cocoa Bomb

Image source: Mrs. Fields

This could be the most festive gift this Christmas. Harry & David launched a hot cocoa bomb for your companion this winter. No need to brew hot cocoa anymore, now you can see the bomb of cocoa melting in a mug of hot milk. Despite the delicious taste, the bomb was also topped with some toppings like marshmallows and red and green sprinkles.


Bialetti’s Tricolour Moka Express

Image source: Bialetti

Aside from stainless-colored Moka Express, Bialetti now has a green-red-colored Moka Express for your Christmas. Is not like Bialetti launched this colored Moka Express for Christmas, but the color just suits the event, right? This will be the perfect Christmas gift for your caffeine-addict friend or even for yourself.


Pureair’s Fridge Refrigerator Purification

Image source: GreenTech Environmental Europe

Your friend won’t have to worry about a smelly fridge anymore. This air purification is made for the fridge to keep your food fresh and odors out. It will be the most unique gift this Christmas, also will help your friend to on keeping their foods in the refrigerator without worrying about rotten vegetables.

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