Understanding E-Mail Marketing

An e-mail is an electronic version of the traditional mail by post; e-mail does the same functions as conventional mail, except it’s all an electronic format capable of sending documents and other additional information with an e-mail. 

The benefit of email is that it is far more cost-effective and cheaper than sending people information by post; this could be in the form of leaflets and other paper ways of delivering information. 

The use of emails has revolutionized marketing because marketers can directly contact millions of people with new products or services almost instantaneously and at a low cost.

What is the role of email distribution services in email marketing?

An email distribution service functions as a method to collect an organization or individual’s email marketing list. 

When an individual has collected several emails, they can put these emails into a distribution service that will enable an individual to email the same information to hundreds, if not potentially millions, of customers.

Some essential features that a good email marketing service offers.

The features of a good email marketing service offer individuals trying to build a mailing list or an organization wanting to sell products or services to customers. 

The features that email marketing services offer are; Maintaining a list of your contacts (including their name and e-mail address) in a secure database; merging your existing contacts into their database by importing a list from wherever you currently have them stored; managing people who want to opt-in and opt-out; It is easy to use.

Attractive templates include an easy-to-use unsubscribe button on the bottom of each e-mail, offer distribution that takes place on time, and generates reports that tell you the number of e-mails that get opened (the open rate).

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