Underrated Films To Watch Whilst Hungover



With the extra-long bank holiday weekend, there’s definitely going to be a lot of hangovers across the UK. Being hungover involves spending the day in bed feeling sorry for yourself. What better time to watch a movie and distract yourself than when you’re hanging out? 


I’ve picked four of my favorite movies that are really underrated and melancholy, so perfect for hangovers.


I Believe In Unicorns

I Believe In Unicorns is a 2014 film starring Natalia Dyer. It follows the story of Davina, a young girl who cares for her sick mother. She struggles with loneliness and wanting to be “anywhere but here”. Davina meets a boy called Sterling and ends up falling in love with him. The coming-of-age film shows their tumultuous relationship. It focuses on the struggles of young toxic relationships when you haven’t had good relationships to look up to.



Palo Alto

Palo Alto follows a group of teenagers experiencing different life events. It stars Emma Roberts as April who experiences a relationship with her football coach. Palo Alto shows the problems that arise from this. It also follows Teddy and his unhealthy friendship with Fred. It’s reminiscent of childhood best friends, that often strayed us down the wrong path. With a variety of love and sex problems, friendships that aren’t right for people, and bad decisions, Palo Alto is relatable, nostalgic, and oddly comforting.



The Florida Project

The Florida Project is about Mooney, a six-year-old girl who lives with her young mum and spends her summer stealing and behaving badly whilst her mum struggles to provide for them. It juxtaposes the difficulties of poverty, being a parent, struggling to make ends meet with being a naive child, and believing everything are okay. This film was in parts sweet but also heartbreaking and is a must-see.

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