Uncharted’s New Movie Poster

Uncharted’s new movie poster that Fandango made shows Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg standing on a shipwreck.

Image Source: www.gameinformer.com

This poster and the recent trailer show how far the Uncharted movie has come. Like other stories, it’s been in development hell, but they now have a vision. Uncharted will see Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake venture out with Mark Wahlberg as Sully to find treasure. Also featuring Sophia Ali and Antonio Banderas, Uncharted looks to release in February 2022.

We’ve talked about this before, but there is a live-action that starred Nathan Fillion, an actor who loves the franchise and also looks like a good Nathan Drake. However, the casting team chose Holland. Even I believe Fillion would have been better, but I won’t trash the movie for making a different choice.

Of course, Holland’s casting isn’t the only one on the burner. People are also displeased with Wahlberg and his lack of a mustache. There were also complaints about the trailer, but nothing will ever be good enough for some people.

Uncharted’s poster gives a vibe of the franchise, and the trailer does the same, but it will come down to the movie’s release. It won’t win over everyone, but there are people who can be persuaded. We’ll have to see who gets converted when the movie releases.

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