Uncharted Releases New Poster

Uncharted gets another update with an official movie poster that has all of the main characters. You know this is the place for adaptations, and I’m gonna follow it until it comes out.

So, a new poster dropped on the movie’s official Twitter that includes Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali, and Tati Gabrielle.

“Looking good while stealing $5 billion in treasure counts as a skill, right? #UnchartedMovie is exclusively in movie theaters February 18,” the tweet said.

It’s almost here. An adaptation that’s been in development hell for years is almost in theaters. If you want to know a little fun fact, the studio had Mark Wahlberg as their first pick for Nathan Drake. It’s up to you to decide whether that would have been better or not.

Speaking of which, you know the comments weren’t great. People are still bashing Holland and Wahlberg for their involvement in the movie. There are still some people who support the movie, but it’s mostly just the same casting concerns.

Luckily, the other three actors aren’t getting as much hate, or at least not Antonio Banderas. In his retweet of the poster, most of his fans are encouraging him. I’ve even translated the Spanish ones, and they’re doing the same.

People can boycott the movie all they want or go watch the Nathan Fillion one; it makes no difference. The cast is set, and the movie will be out soon. Either it’ll be bad, or it’ll surprise people. What do you think?

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