“Uma Musume” News Ranking-New Character…? The encounter between Taro Fushi (CV: Mei Harukawa) and Tanino Gimlet is a hot topic!New unit “BoC’z” also formed | Inside

Which “Uma Musume” article had a reaction in a week? Introducing articles related to Inside “Uma Musume” in a ranking format!The ranking isMarch 31, 2023 to April 6, 2023Based on the number of article accesses during the survey period, it was aggregated with its own points.

“Uma Musume” News Ranking

First place Why did you let Symbolic Chris S do it… A new star (CV: Mei Harukawa) who is too surreal in the “Uma Musume” world is born! ?

Thinking that the CV is Mei Harukawa, who plays the symbolic Chris S, makes me laugh even more! ?


2nd place “Uma Musume” new unit “BoC’z” formed! ?A unique group of horse girls who love boushi appears

A unit formed by horse girls who love boushi to spread the splendor of boushi to the world!


3rd place “Uma Musume” Marvelous Sunday “Marvelous!” SNS icon distribution!Countdown project started with new manga “Star Blossom”

A countdown project has started on the official Twitter for the serialization of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Star Blossom” on April 10th. We are distributing SNS icons of horse girls.


4th “Uma Musume” “Paka Tube!” Achieves 1 Million Subscribers!A famous channel that has continued to support content for about 5 years since its opening

About 5 years after the channel opened, a big record finally achieved! Fans also congratulated Gold Ship, who pulled the channel.


5th place “Uma Musume” Sakura’s Uma Musume visit all over Japan! ?New event “Sakura Frontline Rising! Hanasaki Victory Club” held

Two projects will be held for April Fool’s Day! Sakura Bakushin Oh, Sakura Chiyono Oh, and Sakura Laurel deliver “Sakura Power” to all over Japan.


6th place Goe Asagoe’s “Uma Musume Quiz” is finally coming to an end! Where is M-1 champion Milk Boy Utsumi’s “perfect record” going…?

“Uma Musume Quiz” that derives model horses from illustrations. The secret to Milk Boy Utsumi’s strength seems to lie in his wealth of horse racing knowledge.


7th place Yukinovijin’s transcendence rap is also … 3 “extremely rare scenes” of horse girls that can only be seen in “Umayuru”

Looking back on the unexpected appearance of “Umayuru”, which is completely different from games and anime!


8th place “Uma Musume Star Blossom” Mayano Top Gun SNS Icon Distribution!Greetings with a cute “I copy!”

A countdown project is underway for the start of serialization of the new manga “Uma Musume Star Blossom”. On the second day, you will receive a “Mayano Top Gun” SNS icon!


This week’s second place is ““Uma Musume” new unit “BoC’z” formed! ?A unique group of horse girls who love boushi appears”. A new unit “BoC’z” has been formed by horse girls who love hats. The released song is all about hats, but it’s really cool. I’m a little confused as to whether it’s a gag or serious about its goodness.

The first place is “Why did you let Symbolic Chris S do it… A new star (CV: Mei Harukawa) who is too surreal in the “Uma Musume” world is born! ?” ranked in. This article has too much information… Taro Fence, Tanino Gimlet, Symbolic Chris S (CV: Mei Harukawa), etc. “Paka Tube!” Did it again! While summarizing, please check the “depth” in the article that can not be talked about here.

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