Ukrainian-Russian Pact


Reporting on military movements in Ukraine has been banned, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, imposed a law whereby journalists who commit such an act will be imprisoned for three to eight years. Regardless of their nationality.


In his report Sunday, Volodymyr said Ukraine is open to discussing a peace agreement with Russia, but it would have to involve third parties and a referendum for peace to be guaranteed.


Zeleneskyy conducted a video call interview lasting 90 minutes. Moscow authorities had already asked journalists not to mention anything.  The Ukrainian President was speaking Russian throughout the video conference. In it, he mentioned all the destruction his people are facing.


He said, “Guarantees of security and neutrality, the non-nuclear status of our state. We are ready for it. This is the most important point.” He refused to negotiate with Russia on certain issues, such as Ukrainian demilitarization.


He claimed that for a peace agreement with Russia, they would have to stop attacks, and pull military troops out of their country. He said he would not try to take back territory taken by Russia, as it could compromise more, even leading to a Third World War.


Mariupol is the blockaded port city where there has been a lot of Russian shelling. Zelenskyy is located there and said, “The port is mined. The humanitarian catastrophe inside the city is unmistakable because it is impossible to go there with food, medicine, and water.”


Russia has denied civilian attacks in Ukraine. And Ukrainians say that the Russian wars in Chechnya did not have as much disaster as they have now.

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