Ukraine’s Vulnerable Animals


The Pets of Ukraine

As the war continues in Ukraine, it is not only the humans of Ukraine who are suffering- the animals are suffering as well. Alongside the many humanitarian aid organizations helping people, there are also organizations helping animals.



Viva! Is a UK-based charity focused on vegan campaigning? To date, Viva! The UK has raised tens of thousands of pounds to help Ukrainian animals. In addition, they have distributed tonnes of food to Ukraine for hungry animals, ad their Polish sanctuary has been rescuing Ukrainian cats and dogs.


Shelter Friend

Shelter Friend is a Ukrainian non-profit charity and rehab center in Dnepr city. In addition to TNR programs for street animals, they also support animals with disabilities, special needs animals, and animals that cannot survive as strays.


Kyiv Zoo

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At the Kyiv Zoo, zookeepers and veterinarians are staying on-site to help distressed animals. You can help support their animal care by following the donation instructions on their website. To date, the zoo has also been helped by suppliers and special good brigades, who have provided a few weeks’ worths of provisions for the animals.


Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr

This FOUR PAWS sanctuary provides a forever home for abused brown bears in Ukraine. These bears have mainly been used as roadside bait bear attractions, a practice that continues illegally today. They are currently working with other groups to protect Ukraine’s animals; you can donate through their website.


A Final Note

There are more groups besides the ones listed here; they are all small groups that could use as much help as they can get.

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