Friday, December 3, 2021

UK Reports Over 11,000 New Cases and 19 More Deaths

The UK has reported 11,007 new COVID cases and 19 more deaths in the last 24 hours, but in four weeks infections could be lower than they are now, according to one expert.

The numbers compare with 9,055 cases and nine deaths reported yesterday, and 7,393 cases and seven deaths around the same time last week.

Image source: bbc.com

The current number of new infections is the highest reported since February 19, when 12,027 cases were recorded. It comes as a leading COVID researcher says he believes the current wave should peak in about 10-14 days and within a month cases could be lower than they are now and more manageable.

Professor Tim Spector’s study records the symptoms of people who have received a positive PCR test. In his June 16 update, he said: “We are still seeing an increase in rates, about 15,000 cases per day is our estimate based on the reports, but the good news is that it is not increasing as fast as it does.”


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