UK Must Prepare – Boris Johnson warns the country for the winter COVID

With 38,0013 fresh cases and 167 new deaths recorded within 28 days, UK’s Covid situation seems to have escalated. But with the winters approaching, the situation just might get worse. UK’s prime minister Boris Johnson has said that the country is heading towards an uncertain winter and for that, ‘we must be prepared.’

Johnson is expected to reveal a Covid winter plan on coming Tuesday as said by the sources from Whitewalls. The plan is said to set out contingency measures which might include re-introduction of masks at crowded places, social distancing, limiting the number of people at vulnerable places and the worst of all, a nationwide lockdown.

While a lockdown becomes extremely necessary to control the mushrooming of the notorious virus when the number of cases rise, the fact that it causes immense economic loss can not be denied. Johnson, for the very same reason, will also announce a blueprint which include measures to avoid a total lockdown.

It will include the biggest jab campaign ever recorded in the country and also, the introduction of booster dose. Although the booster dose initially would be given to elderly and vulnerable people only, NHS has stressed that it could be given to people belonging to other age groups, only if the health advisors recommend. The government might also issue ‘Covid Passports’ for people to access crowded areas based on their medical condition and status of their vaccination. The chief medical officers in the country are also ready to give a green light to vaccination of children aged between 12-15.

“There’s a great deal of uncertainty about what’s going to happen. We need to be prepared; we need to have options ready to go. But we’ve got confidence in our vaccine program, we’ll have more details on boosters and hopefully kids next week, and we’ll make sure we go into the winter fully prepared,” said a government official. 

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