UK helping Ukranians

Since Russia started the war against Ukraine, several countries have offered refuge for Ukrainians in need. One of them, Poland, even removed the visa requirement for migrants. Now the UK is joining the movement to shelter those in need. According to the UN, already more than 800,000 civilians have fled Ukraine. Saleh Saeed, DEC’s executive director, added: “I would never have imagined launching a humanitarian appeal in Europe in 2022. But tragically, that is exactly where we are”.

The UK Disasters Emergency Committee asked for the country’s help. They asked everyone to donate to organizations such as the British Red Cross, Oxfam, and Save the Children. In the announcement, they spoke of the damage to Ukrainians’ homes and property, asking for donations to help them and to send food to the shelters where they are getting help and rest.

Although the European Union is taking in the refugees, there have been cases where queues to enter the country are up to 15 kilometers long, and people have had to wait in the cold. The Emergency Committee said most of the refugees are women and children.

Following Poland’s example, the UK has also removed visas for migrants in need of refuge. So far, 200,000 Ukrainians have received help from the country. One of the organizations that have raised the most money is The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, with more than £1.1m sent to shelters for food and other necessities. The UK government said it would double public donations to £20 million, which will help Ukrainians even more.

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    Obama and Biden put NAZI’s in power in Ukraine . American should be supporting Russia clean these evil NAZI’s out of Ukraine.

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