TXT Releases “MESS” Concept Clip for “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child”

TXT just unveiled their ‘MESS’ Concept Clip for minisode 2: Thursday’s Child this Saturday, 23 April.


The members are showing off their bad-boy concept, with a mature and sexy appeal this time. Compared to their previous comeback concepts, such as in The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE, they still had a bad-boy concept although with a child-like and chaotic sense.


The teaser begins with the members, almost all in black, with a dark and mature vibe. They’re shown running in an alleyway and posing – wearing black suits and leather jackets with silver necklaces that make a statement.


We also get to see new hairstyles and hair colors, such as Yeonjun’s white, slicked-back hair and Beomgyu’s reddish-brown hair, although some fans still miss Beomgyu’s iconic wolf-cut and long hair.


The ‘MESS’ Concept Clip has some references to TXT’s ‘FREEZE YOU’  VR, where you can see some items both in and besides the dumpster.


You can spot several items, like Yeonjun’s helmet, Soobin’s ticket, Beomgyu’s ice cream, Taehyun’s heart balloons, and Hueningkai’s flowers all trashed and discarded.


This could imply a theory that the “good guys” have become “bad guys” as their items were all trash, which may indicate an intense heartbreak, following the formation of a rebellious gang.


TXT still continues with a rebellious vibe, with hints of fighting from the concept photos that were released on 22 April.



The concept photos show all the members getting smudged blood on their lips, which could mirror the ‘MESS’ concept.


Are you excited about their comeback?

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