TXT Just Released the ‘HATE’ Concept Clip for “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child.”


TXT’s minisode 2: Thursday’s Child ‘HATE’ Version Concept Clip just dropped on April 27 and we’re living for the gothic and grunge look.


We’ve already seen the other two versions of minisode 2: Thursday’s Child with ‘MESS’ and ‘END’, now we get to witness the last concept for their 4th mini album.


The teaser begins with someone wearing heeled black boots with belt straps covering the majority of the boots.


The members seem to be in a white room with splatters of black paint on the wall, along with graffiti on the walls with words such as “GOOD BOY GONE BAD”, “HATE”, and “KILL ME” – connoting the stage of bitterness and hatred after a first break-up.


The members are seen sitting on a black chair and black sofas with white tables and dressers splattered in black painting, also implying the good boy gone bad concept.


The ‘HATE’ concept photos posted on BIG HIT MUSIC’s Official Twitter showed the boys holding roses in their mouths above a lit lighter, signifying the end of their love.


Not only that, a new version of the mini-album was just released – surprising fans. The ‘TEAR’ version was just announced on April 27, which is the Jewel version of the album.


The ‘TEAR’ version consists of 1 out of 5 different versions with all 5 corresponding members, which comes in an envelope.


The Jewel Case comes with a photobook corresponding to the version of the members, stickers, 1 out of 5 random photo cards, 1 out of 5 postcards, 1 out 5 mini posters, and 1 version of the CD corresponding to the member versions.

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