Two Types of Hard Work

There are two forms of hard work that people experience on a daily basis. Because life is difficult, we always do our best and hope for the best. So here are the two types of hard work that everyone experiences.



There are two kinds of labor.

The pleasurable type, where you enjoy what you do and strive hard to achieve it. And the kind of hard work you despise.

Although I realize this is a tough term, I want to make sure you understand the distinction. Working hard may be incredibly rewarding.

However, employment that is not enjoyable leads to worry, dread, and a loss of identity. You practically seem to be selling yourself.

You are devoting your life to a task you detest because you believe it will help you achieve your goal. It may, too. But before that happens, your life can end. This lesson was hard for me to learn.

I wish someone had clarified the distinction between working hard for something I enjoy doing and working hard for something I hope to enjoy doing in the future.

The distinction between working hard for something I enjoy doing and working hard toward something I might love in the future would have been helpful, in my opinion.

We pass away there while still hoping for a better ascent, a dirt road free of mud, and a door that might not always be closed.

Even though I am an authority on them, I have lost interest in dirt roads. As I rush down the mountains I once believed to be mine.

If you are doing anything you dread doing, you need to stop doing it.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that things will be easier one day, and put forth more effort than ever to accomplish what you enjoy.

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