Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Finale: Will Na Hee Do End Up With Baek Yi Jin?


2 episodes left and “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” continue to make the fans speculate about the ending. Will Na Hee Do end up with Baek Yi Jin? There are a lot of theories that are circulating among the fans.


Twenty-Five, Twenty-One is an ongoing drama about Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri)—a Korean national team fencer—and Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk)—a reporter from the UBS channel—who met in their early teenage year and their friendship continue until they become adult. During those years of friendship, both of them keep cheering each other through their hardship, disappointment, happiness, and success. Eventually, their platonic relationship finally comes to an end when Yi Jin confessed his love to Hee Do. Their love was pure and fresh, just like how a first love should be.


At the end of episode 14 which aired on Sunday (27/03), Baek Yi Jin congratulated Na Hee Do on her winning through news live-streaming. The fans were very surprised as Baek Yi Jin ended the interview by congratulating Na Hee Do on her wedding. Who is Na Hee Do’s husband? Is it Baek Yi Jin? Or someone else?


Some of the fans believe in Yi Jin-Hee Do endgame—the term that is used if a couple in a drama ends up together—meanwhile the other side of the fanbase already tried to accept the fact that Hee-Do and Yi Jin were just a first love story that sometimes didn’t end well.


Let’s take a look at some ‘theories’ that support Yi Jin-Hee Do’s endgame.




So, what do you think? Will Hee Do end up with Yi Jin? The truth will be revealed this week, on Saturday (02/04) and Sunday (03/04) only on tvN and Netflix.

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