Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Finale: At The End, That’s How Life Supposed To Be


Episode 16 just concluded the whole series of Twenty-Five, Twenty-One on Sunday night (03/04).


Twenty-Five, Twenty-One that has been accompanying our Saturday and Sunday night since February 12 finally comes to an end.  Weeks of happiness, uncertainty, curiosity, and laughter because of Twenty-Five, Twenty-One is finished as per last night.


The final episode was expected to reveal who is the real father of Kim Minchae—Na Hee Do’s daughter. Was it Baek Yijin? Then why do Minchae’s last name is Kim, not Baek? This kind of question keeps circulating for weeks, bringing up more and more theories about the ending of this drama.


But in the end, that question remains unanswered—explicitly.


Episode 16 started with the news of Baek Yijin being accepted as a New York correspondent for the UBS Channel. This is where the conflict starts. Na Hee Do and Baek Yijin’s relationship became more distant since both of them are busy and emotionally tired with their career, yet they don’t want to burden each other with their problems. The conflict and emotion built up until they ended their relationship in a very painful way.


But soon, both realized that it was not right and then they found a way back to each other to end everything in a better state of mind.


Twenty-Five, Twenty-One perfectly captured the bittersweet of life, specifically adulting. How things keep changing from time to time and nothing remains the same anymore, that’s hurt but it’s the truth. Nothing in the world is permanent. Instead, the only thing that will never change is impermanence itself.



Although it is not the happy ending that we expect, at least it shows us how life works. We meet certain people in life and believe that we will stay with them forever, but things change, situations change, and nothing lasts forever. Friendship, lover, passion, sometimes it is just a phase in life that we will never experience again in the future.



Big applause to the casts, writers, and production team who have been working so hard to deliver such a precious life lesson to all of us. If you have not watched it yet, this is the right time to watch it, and let it be the guide in your adulting process.

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