TV Series That Will Guarantee To Make You Laugh

Fleabag (2016-2019)
Fleabag Promotional Poster (source: Two Brothers Pictures)

As she traverses life and love in London while coping with loss, a witty woman known only as Fleabag has no inhibition. Fleabag maintains her confidence despite the fact that the enraged, grief-stricken woman attempts to heal while shunning anybody who tries to aid her.

The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)
The Bigh Bang Theory Promotiona; Poster (image source: Warner Bros. Television)

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about Leonard and Sheldon, two genius physicists who have brilliant minds and comprehends how the world really works. But none of their intellect benefits them in communicating with others, particularly women.

Chewing Gum (2015-2017)
Chewing Gum Promotional Poster (image source: Retort)

Tracey Gordon, a pious woman fascinated with Beyoncé, stars in this crazy, hilarious comedy. The 24-year-old appears to understand less as she studies more about the world around her. The show follows her through the crazy situations she gets herself into, as well as her entertaining friends and family.

2 Broke Girls (2011-2017)
2 Broke Girls (image source: Warner Bros. Television)

2 Broke Girls is a sitcom about two young ladies who work as waitresses at a diner in downtown NY and form an unexpected friendship in hopes of creating a thriving business.  Max Black, sassy and street smart, works two jobs to make ends meet, one of which is waitressing at the vintage Williamsburg Diner during the night shift. Caroline Channing is a posh uptown trust fund princess who is forced to painfully try her luck at waitressing due to a string of bad luck.

Mr Bean (1990-1995)
Mr Bean’s Promotional Poster (image source: TIger Aspect Productions)

Childish, goofy Mr Bean has difficulty accomplishing even the most basic duties in everyday life. Yet his determination and inventiveness; enable him to come up with unique solutions to issues on a regular basis.

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