Friday, December 3, 2021

Tv-series and Movies Piracy Increases During Pandemic

Pandemic has not been kind to us. We were forced to stay at home as much as we could. The best way to pass the time at home is to binge-watch Tv-series or movies.

Having to pay a high price for a monthly prescription or renting a movie, many entertainment consumers think it is way convenient to watch movies or Tv-series through Illegal streaming sites. 

If you love to watch Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Looking for Alaska, it means you have to be subscribed to at least three platforms which are HBOmax, Netflix and HULU. They cost a lot just for entertainment.

What’s convenient is to watch them illegally or download them through illegal streaming websites. Before you dive into that, make sure you consider these side effects to you and society.

High possibility to get a device contaminated with malware

Digital Citizen Alliance said 1 out of 4 devices used for accessing piracy content reported to be dealing with malware problems within the count of three months in 2020. This can lead to a risk of identity theft.

Economic losses caused by piracy

According to data compiled by GO-Globe.com, because piracy increases 33% worldwide during pandemics, online TV and movie piracy causes economic losses of about $ 51.6 billion. Even if you are only a mare user or watcher, it would be better for you to save up your money somewhere else that does not affect other people.


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