Batu City is the first city in the world, which have  23 TV DESA  network in their 23 villages. 



Batu City innovates. The  23 villages on there have tv stations. The station’s name is TV DESA. From these innovations, Batu City got one step ahead,  in delivering information than other cities in Indonesia, even in the world. 


Andri Wijaya, CEO of TV DESA also head of information and communication at Dinas Kominfo said, “As a tourist city, Batu requires branding and promotion.  it must be balanced with the speed and awareness of the village community to brand themselves”.


The potential of the village can be introduced to the public. Not just for the Batu city community but also for the international world.


One of the goals is the promotion of Batu tourism will become cheap and easy. And It can increase the level of tourist visits, both domestic and foreign to Batu city.


Because of this program,  Batu city makes creative art workers, seas and makes the public creative,  smart, innovative, and easy to get and to give positive journalism. On the other side, they can promo and show products,  with creative packaging as well.

“In this competitive era, we must be good at sending information in an attractive manner,” said Andri.



TV DESA is a new icon in modern society. This project was established by the Department of Communication and Information of the Batu City Government,  one year ago. Under the main station,  there are 23 stations from 23 villages.


The name of the station depends on the village name. For example, the station is from village Punten, so the name of the station is PUNTEN TV DESA. 


Ony, The head of Dinas Kominfo said that TV Desa is one off the dinas  Diskominfo’sprogram.  some time ago were included in the Top 5 Batu City Government Public Service Innovations in 2020.


Mentor of TV DESA

There are several mentors to give skill in the broadcasting.  The man behind the success has been teaching the crew from 23 villages.


The mentor comes from professional broadcasting, Agropolitan television. There are Sarah Mawardi for presenter and program television,  Rudy Kurniawan,  for tv productions, Rifky for camera and photography,  and Amri Yahya for direct photography also how-to editing process.  


The mentor provides material from basic to advanced levels,  and they also provide assistance and monitoring in all television stations.




Kota Batu Gelar Festival TV Desa, Ini Tujuannya | TIMES Indonesia

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The appreciation

The appreciation of the people and government of Batu city is extraordinary. The existence of  TV DESA spurs the creativity and enthusiasm of the community to work.


Mayor of Batu city Dewanti Rumpoko,  was surprised by the enthusiasm of his citizens.


TV DESA is one of the potential media in Batu town. It is good news that the village of Batu city greatly helps accelerate development and boost tourism visits. 


“This is an amazing job proud of it,” Dewanti said. “This awareness and enthusiasm prove that Batu City is indeed very extraordinary. Not just the natural potential but also the human resources deserve a thumbs up,” Dewanti said in her speech when launching 23 stations.


So where we can watch the platform? You just go to the youtube channel and type the name of the village in it.


Besides making tv programs, like podcasts, breaking news, or features,  the crew of television also create the short movie,  which was mentored by Senima Batu Adem.


Kota Batu is ready to welcome the millennial era. One step ahead of other cities in Indonesia, and maybe in the world.


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