Are you an introvert?. Do you hate noise or the voices of people when you’re trying to work, but hate to feel alone? Do you like the idea of having a pet of your own, but can’t deal with their ruckus. Is the fact that you aren’t cuddly, or is your allergy to fur preventing you from getting a pet. Well, I have got a great suggestion for you.


Have you thought of having a turtle??. Oh!, you aren’t quite sure if that is a good idea?!. Well, here are reasons you should consider a turtle as a pet.


  • Turtles are a fantastic company, and great listeners too if you need to just talk without a reply. They’d quietly keep you company and listen to your tales or worries without a word. And what’s even better is that they’d be there for a long long time, due to their long lifespan. A turtle will most probably outlive its owner.
  • They don’t need to be petted or cuddled and don’t mind being left on their own, giving you time to go about your business or explore your other hobbies.
  • They are quiet, solitary animals. You will be able to work at home in peace unlike with dogs or other usual pets.
  • They will not make a mess of your home, as they are slow, and do not move around much.
  • Keeping turtles will help to reduce your food waste, as they love fruits and vegetables, and will be more than happy to consume the ones you bought in excess or leftovers.
  • They will also be of great aesthetic value to your home if placed in a glass container. Oh! How interesting it would be to watch the little turtle swim around in its home.



However, it is imperative to note that there are some cons involved, like the fact that you need lots of space to keep a turtle. You might even need a pond. Keeping a turtle is also a long time commitment, you have to be ready to go the long way with this.


Having established that, a turtle is perfect if you’re looking to have a friend for life!.

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