Try and See What Animal-Face Type You Have!

You can now try and take the Animal-Face AI Test to see what animal-like features you have on your face.

This Animal-Face AI test created by YouTuber Jo Coding allows you to find out what type of animal-face you have using the artificial intelligence (Google’s AI teachable machine 2.0) that is trained to identify what type of animal features you have by using data of celebrities from South Korea, such as K-Pop idols from each animal-face category.

There are five types of animal-faces that you can get: bunny-face, fox-face, cat-face, deer-face, and puppy-face.


The bunny-face type is often characterized by having ‘adorable cheeks and front teeth’. An “innocent and pure” look that is similar to a cute bunny. K-Pop celebrities who have bunny-face looks include: Nayeon (TWICE), Suzy, and Irene (Red Velvet).


It’s describe for a person that have the fox-face type has “charismatic eyes”; “sexy energy”; is “extremely charming”, and overall has an “elegant appearance”. Celebrities that have the signature fox-like features are: Yeji (Itzy), Gain (Brown Eyed Girls), and HEIZE.


The cat-face has “cat-like eyes”, “sharp features”, and a “chic charm”. Jennie (BLACKPINK), Han Yeseul, and Lee Sungkyung has cat-like faces.


Often described as to have an “elegant face”. The “eyes of an angel”; and a “calm & clean personality”. Yoona (Girl’s Generation), Lisa (BLACKPINK), and Go Ara have deer-like faces.


The puppy-face has “cute big eyes”, “friendly smile”, and a “kind and playful personality” that resembles a puppy’s energy. Notable idols that have a puppy-face are IU, Jisoo (BLACKPINK), and Jang Wonyoung (IZ*ONE).

Try it out here!

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