Truck Drivers to Protest in Ottawa Against Vaccine Mandate

Truckers are moving towards Ottawa to protest on the weekends. Image source: CBC

Canadian truck drivers are moving towards the country’s capital—Ottawa, to protest against the government’s vaccine mandate policy. 

Protests started when the truckers stopped being exempted from the vaccine mandate on January 15. As per this rule, all unvaccinated truckers should be in quarantine for 15 days after delivering their loads.

At the same time, the United States also banned the unvaccinated Canadian truckers entering the country from January 22. 

But the security forces in Parliamentary Hill are preparing to defend about 10,000 protesters in the national capital on the weekends. Protesters are planning to set up camp in the downtown area of Ottawa against the lockdowns and vaccine mandates. 

Meanwhile, the police requested the city residents not to travel downtown and expect delays for the next couple of days. Even though the police force and the security in Parliamentary Hill expect about 10,000 people, they are unsure about the exact number of people. 

The police department also said it welcomes a peaceful protest without violence and hatred. 

However, the police have already spotted some extremist people in and around the protesters. In addition, some social media posts were circulating such messages across the platforms. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already said they are only a “minority infringe group.”

In anticipating violence through the protest; the government seemed well prepared to take the precautions. Since the police didn’t know the exact number of people that will be coming into the city; the effectiveness of this protocol is also questionable.

Nonetheless, the city is going to be in turmoil on the weekend. 

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