Troy Baker Announces NFT Project And Everyone Hates It

So, I checked and read Troy Baker’s tweet saying that he’s supporting an NFT, and everyone hated it.

Let me paint the picture for you. I woke up Friday, like any other day, and I check Twitter. I don’t usually check Twitter when I wake up, but I thought why not, right? So, I went on and saw Troy Baker trending. So, I checked and read Troy Baker’s tweet saying that he’s supporting an NFT, and everyone hated it.

Now, I honestly didn’t know what NFTs were before other than they were digital art pieces. So, I did a little more research and found that they harm our environment because of the planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions generated by cryptocurrencies. That sounds pretty bad, and for some people’s favorite voice actor to support that, that’s even worse.

“I’m partnering with @VoiceverseNFT to explore ways where together we might bring new tools to new creators to make new things, and allow everyone a chance to own & invest in the IP’s they create. We all have a story to tell. You can hate, or you can create. What’ll it be?” he tweeted.

Something that fans find worse is that the NFT he’s supporting is for creating AI voices that will voice anything you want. So, it’s a robot that might one day put voice actors out of the job. Even worse, Baker said that he wouldn’t give his voice to the project, but he’s willing to take make others into a robot.

“I’m sorry, but Troy Baker getting into NFTs is the most obvious fucking thing. There is no one in games more primed to become an NFT Douchebag than Troy Baker,” one tweet criticized.

“The way troy baker waited until 1am eastern to tweet about being an NFT shill is so fucking funny,” another said.

Six hours later, in the same day, Troy put up a little apology to those who felt wronged.

“I’m grateful there are those who are passionate about their stance & not only feel safe to express that but also have the means to do so. The “hate/create” part might have been a bit antagonistic…”

However, he said nothing about going back on his partnership or ending his support.

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